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TRT does not merely support the economic development of member companies, but rather also engages in cultural, social and environmental activities, including:

Annual Taicang Oktoberfest

The renowned Oktoberfest has become a cultural highlight for Taicang. As an increasingly popular event, the annual Oktoberfest runs for five days and attracts more the 6,000 visitors, who enjoy cultural exchange over specially brewed beer and traditional Bavarian food.

In 2018 we celebrated our 13th Taicang Oktoberfest.

Harmony Shanghai

Harmony Shanghai is a community dance initiative, designed to bring Chinese and international high school students together through a series of intensive dance workshoiops with world-renowned choreographer Roylston Maldoom, culminating in a highly professional performance. TRT is pleased to sponsor Harmony Shanghai in 2016 and extend participation opportunities to Taicang students. The project’s ability to balance professionalism with inclusion and cultural understanding resonates with TRT and cooperation will also support cultural development of Taicang city.

Sanpan Hope School

Following the devastating Sichuan earthquake in 2008, TRT funded and led rebuilding ofthe Sanpanzi school, located 4.2km from Qingchuan city center in Kongxi. The new Sanpan Hope School was opened in November 2009 and offers educational opportunities to over 200 students.


Support the Local Society

TRT has been involved with people in need in the local Taicang community.